Take advantage of highly targeted and enduring rural advertising

We deliver our calendars/planners to dairy farmers, livestock farmers, breeders, growers, horticulturalists, and viticulturists across 25 regions in New Zealand, presenting an exceptionally focused and long-lasting rural advertising avenue.
Now is your opportunity to choose the regions where you wish to gain a full year of market visibility.
Highly detailed delivery area maps are available upon request.

We offer a range of advertisement sizes perfect for whatever you want to achieve

Our advertising spaces include:
  • Option A - 48x86mm
  • Option B - 100x98mm
  • Option C - 100x86mm
  • Option D - 100x200mm
  • Option E - 48x200mm
  • Option F - 48x400mm
  • Option G - 153x86mm
  • Option H - 204x86mm
  • Option J - 100x404mm
  • Option K - 100x584mm
  • Option L - whiteboard watermark (logo only)
We also offer A4 inserts and large labels applied to the protective packaging.
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